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Clipboard to text file

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This I guess is not a request but a noob question  :-[

Running AHK, compiled a exe, what is missing from

FileAppend, %clipboard%, ‪C:\Users\RG\Desktop\clip1.txt

to keep all copied text in the text file?

It works here for me.  However, you're trying to write to a UAC-protected folder so you will have to have either have admin rights or run the executable with admin rights.  Alternately, you could write to a non-UAC-protected folder.  Also, I'd add a CRLF when writing out the clipboard contents like this:

--- Code: Autohotkey ---FileAppend, %clipboard%`r`n, ‪C:\Users\RG\Desktop\clip1.txt

Desktop is UAC protected?  Moved it to Documents and doesn't work either.


Did you try running it with admin rights?

Yes I did, not really sure what is going on, I will try other ready made scripts and see if I can get any hints. My fault for spending more time on windows again  :P


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