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Windows Script Host is not enabled on Win7 !


Hello Friends,
     recently i had installed some programs, which i don't recall now.
But after removing i have getting this errors.
Windows Script Host is not enabled on Win7 !
I tried searching this for a fix, and nowhere i can get a valid answer. I went through a number of sites. Here. But it didn't fix my problem. It's really buggin sometimes.
Does anyone know of a better solution for this. I don't want to restore my pc just for a single cause.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows Script Host\Settings
Double Click on it and give it Value Data 1 to enable it.

    A value of 1 will enable Windows Script Host
    A value of 0 will disable Windows Script Host.
--- End quote ---

I tried this method but it doesn't work. I am on Win7.x32bit version.

This page may be a bit more helpful:

Also instead of poking around in Task Manager to get which script caused the error dialog you could use Home Folder 2 from my page here:

Run HomeFolder2.exe and it will show an icon in the task tray.  Click on the error dialog to make sure it is the active window.  Press Shift and Number Pad Subtract keys.  Explorer should open to the folder containing the program that generated the error.

My guess is if you uninstalled some stuff the Registry probably lost some info or got corrupted.  If you have a Restore Point running that might fix it.

Hello Mileahead;
   thank you for your tool, i clicked on the error windows and win/system32 folder opened up. I remember one time, i had installed some
software, which installed lot of crap also some browsers. So i did a scan with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and so far their is no error message.
There were a huge amount of trash to be deleted. So far so good, i didn't get the WSHost msg pop up.
Thank you for your suggestion, i am keeping that app for time being.

You are most welcome.  I hope it all works out for you.   :Thmbsup:


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