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bookmark comments/descriptions


Have been searching for a tool to remove all comments from bookmarks. Have a lot of them and many have quite an amount of comment. I use my bookmarks with a filename that covers it. Is there any tool that can remove all depscriptions/comments from all my bookmarks (palemoon/firefox)? I checked Linkman and Linkstash but couldn't find it in there.

Any help appreciated.

^ maybe post it as an idea for our volunteering coders:

From the "Idea"-thread:

If you want to post an idea, READ THIS FIRST! -

When you start a topic, please put "IDEA: " at the beginning of the subject line. Before posting, read more about what kind of requests to post etc. here:
--- End quote ---


* Export to bookmarks.html
* Load into a text editor capable of RegEx replacement (eg. Notepad2-mod)
* Search and Replace as follows (adjust as required):
bookmark comments/descriptions
* Import back into Firefox/Pale Moon


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