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NANY 2017: Progress Bars of Life Android

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Progress Bars of Life Android
Based on my MS Windows app of the same name (here).

* Google Play Store page:
* Get the beta from Google Play Store:
* Direct APK download from DonationCoder server:

Updated on dc server and google play store.


Reminds me of that project that I never did. The one that I think inspired this one.  ;D

Have been running pbol-android since day one.
Today I installed it on my new tablet, but I hadn't set up the list of items yet when I created the homescreen-widget. Later I created a list and tried to make that visible in the widget, but that wouldn't work. I had to remove the widget and re-create it to get the list visible. I assume that's a bug?

It's possible that the widget "category to show" was set to something other than ALL, and so it didn't seem to be working but maybe you just needed to change the widget category to show.


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