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My NANY 2017 submission: EOLConverter. Uploaded bug fix.

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NANY 2017 Entry Information
Application Name EOLConverter.exe Version 1.0.3 Short Description Converts files from Unix (LF) line endings to windows (CRLF) line endings. Supported OSes Windows.  Vista and Up Web Page None Download Link EOLConverter.exe (2144.5 kB - downloaded 600 times.) System Requirements
* None
* NoneAuthor;area=summary;u=515958

I write code stored on a linux machine.  Since the code I write is for windows... its annoying to have to convert back and forth.  Having the wrong line endings causes my precompiler to choke.  I wrote this for my sanity but you might save some hair too.

You can open the program by the icon to convert a whole folder or drag and drop a selection of files and it will convert them overwriting the original files.

Planned Features
None at this time.


My NANY 2017 submission: EOLConverter.  Uploaded bug fix.

Download the file and save it where you want it.  Pin it to the taskbar if you like and click to open or drag files onto the icon.

Using the Application
You can open it and give a folder to convert or drag/drop files onto the program icon. 

Just delete the icon.  its stand alone.

Make a backup of the originals if you want one.
You should copy only those files you want to convert to another folder to prevent other files from being converted.

Known Issues
version 1.0.1  Doesn't convert anything.  Fixed and updated download link for new version.
version 1.0.2  Bug Fix.
version 1.0.3  Bug Actually fixed this time.

Hi Dayna!

This looks useful. I often encounter similar problems with mixed line endings. Thanks!

FYI: Results of Jotti's Malware Scan

This looks like a rather handy tool :)

This bit of the description seems odd though :)

Just download.  Its ready to go."

Hi Dayna!
-Deozaan (October 14, 2016, 06:42 PM)
--- End quote ---

Thanks for the review.  Bugs in original version.  Wouldn't process a single file.  Please re-download latest version.

This looks like a rather handy tool :)

This bit of the description seems odd though :)

Just download.  Its ready to go."
-Stephen66515 (October 15, 2016, 02:58 AM)
--- End quote ---

I fixed the description and uploaded a bug fix.  It wouldn't process a single file by drag/drop.  Please download again.


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