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NANY 2017 ideas thread

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I've posted about this before, but I'd love to hear ideas for Android apps that fit well into the android code framework that i've written recently -- apps that let users create "items" and organize them into categories (pages), where each item can be displayed on a line.  you'll see examples of the kinds of apps that fit this model in my WhenLast app and in my score tracker app.  I actually started a thread asking for ideas related to it earlier, so any discussion about ideas should probably take place on that thread:

Hi all

I was advised to post in this thread and draw attention to an idea I had for a windows program. Not only would this be cool and useful in many situations, it would be used by my family straight away.

In brief it's a windows based decision making program with customisable text and pics.
The thread is here if anyone would be interested in bringing this to life
Program Idea


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