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IDEA: Mp3-Favoriter (in o.a. Windows Explorer)

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Let me just point out that if you simply added the file paths to a text file, with one line per file, it would be trivial to use a simple FARR alias to display and search this list of files on demand, using the #filecontents function of FARR.

using the #filecontents function of FARR.
-mouser (October 13, 2016, 11:55 AM)
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I am still bit of a noob: started out with AutoHotkey which went great at first. Than, during my more chaotic episodes in time I lost track at some point. Started out a similar kind of
adventure with Python. So basicly I am still very far from it all. But I have used FARR... will check it out later tonight. It doesnt sound to difficult just yet so there's hope  :D

Wow! I haven't seen that WinAmp UI in ages! :D

Ah, the memories! :Thmbsup: :-*

Curt: is the last known address for the perfect program for you, but the homepage is closed - and 'gone' took my copy.

... find a program to copy the music files in my daughters Windows Media Player 10 playlist (.wpl file) to another directory while maintaining the original folder structure.  AV Media Copy from does something similar ...-JeffK (February 09, 2006, 05:18 AM)
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-excellent program!  :up:

It hasn't been updated for more than five years, (yes, this is a very old thread), but I had no problem at all, installing and using it on Vista. The GUI is logic, the procedure easy, and the copying is fast. Of course it can handle several playlist file types, including M3U playlists, not just WPL. The organization of the new folders were not important to me, so I just unchecked that option, and all 372 files from my playlist were soon gathered in a new folder.

(...)", but I think the little free program in mention, AV Media Copy, is worth knowing about in general - more people than JeffK and me must sometimes want to copy a playlist's content, the actual music files, to another location without burning anything:-Curt
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a better link:
The msi installation file is merely 428 Kb

This little program made my day. Thanks for telling, JeffK   :up:
One micro detail: The folder order is of course not AlbumArtist\Artist, but AlbumArtist\Album

I have just used AV Media Copy to update the above mentioned collection, using the same long playlist. The program didn't protest or ask silly questions, it just skipped the already existing files and copied the two new files into the folder. Yes, AV Media Copy is old, and it has extremely few features, but they work. :up:

link: AV Media Copy (transfer playlist content) -
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-Curt (June 04, 2011, 11:43 AM)
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@n8wachT. AV Media Copy is no longer to be found, except if someone has kept a copy, but it might very well be the one you're asking for. Unfortunately the name itself makes it impossible to search for.

I now remember one more weakness: .NET Framework version 1.1 is needed.

AV Media Copy is no longer to be found
-Curt (October 14, 2016, 01:22 PM)
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Thnx for all, but... that's not realy what I'm looking for. I already have great extensions for my mediaplayer from which I can build playlists and copy the
files directly from the program. I''m more looking towards a utility that marks the files in Windows Explorer- by colored tags for instance. And the ultimate
possible thing would be that this can be handled from within Winamp as well- or the other way around. Example: I favorite a winamp track and copy the
item to a pre-defined folder. The original file stays in the original directory only gets color marked.

I'm still looking into the options for this regarding FARR. And I did some browsing. Actually came across a tool that allows the marking of files. Sadly the
free version is very limited. I was hoping to find a freeware-like program: Rainbowfolders does a great job on colored tagging (but like it says, with folder).


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