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OneDrive Crashing in Windows 10

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I just purchased a new surface.  One of the reasons I went with the 128GB is because I could add that much via the micro SD slot for cheaper than upgrading.  So I did.  My plans were to put all of my sync folders and dev folders on that card, and use the other for programs.  I had to jump through some hoops because Dropbox doesn't allow you to use an SD Card, but I created a junction, and everything is fine.  Or I thought so.

Suddenly, OneDrive started crashing on startup with no message.  I checked the event logs, and that was not very useful - fault in ntdll.dll.  I was about to give up, and just change my plans, when I came across a link that gave a possible solution- change it from exFAT (the default on those cards) to NTFS.  So, went through moving everything to my internal, then formatting it... then moving it back... and lo and behold, it started working again.

Just posting this here in case anyone else has a similar problem (and hoping that it stays stable).

Here at DC, 4wd linked recently to a format tool which allows you to format drives with a capacity till 2TByte in FAT32. Which is the actual maximum for FAT32, but everyone is so accustomed to the 32GByte limits MS imposed  on us with Windows for so long, it has become the unofficial limit.

NTFS has many advantages over FAT32, however, if you plan to use the card in different devices, FAT32 would be smarter to use, because it is the most widely supported file system, no matter the operating system that any of your devices is using.

Just thought to mention it.

It is to be a permanent drive to expand the internal capacity.

Stoic Joker:
Keep an eye on it for awhile. I went the JP route with mine (albeit a few versions ago) and found it to be a complete nightmare of weird assed behavior (sync half the files/none of the files/part of a file[Yeah...])

I finally gave up and skipped the JP when I got a new machine.

The JP route?


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