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Outlook add-in to force all hidden URL's to "unhide" in Outlook 2016


Due to a recent spate of Phishing hacks I would like to know if there is a utility out there which can accomplish the same thing as hovering the cursor over an image to briefly display the hidden URL inside it.  I would like to see the results of having ALL hidden URL's displayed on every email and see just how annoying that might be.
As an alternative, if there is a way to get the hidden URL's to stay visible longer or even create an optional display of a list of all hidden URL's in a given email.

One recent Phishing hack created an extremely bad issue and I am just looking for whatever options i can find that would help with people who never bother to check anything.  The ones that try to do the "hover to display option" cant seem to hold the cursor steady for long enough to read what they see.

'KUTOOLS' makes a package called ExtendOffice (I think) which does have such an option that you can select to have Outlook display all hidden URL's but for some reason it does not appear to work on Outlook 2016.  It was the only product I could find with this option. 

I am also afraid that if i get what i am asking for it will look similar to what is seen by setting Outlook security to read all email as plain text.  On most emails that results in so much gibberish that it is not worth the results to catch the one bad email in the 20,000 good ones.

If there was an alternative for showing the URL by hovering but being able to make the displayed link stay visible for a longer time so users can read it even if they can't hold the cursor steady on the spot.

Or perhaps a hotkey that would temporarily change the view of an email to plain-text.  Maybe CTRL+SHIFT+P as long as depressed the email view would be plain-text rather than html?

Failing all of that, is there a product that can scan emails for hidden links that are on an updated list of phishing links?  Something like an antivirus that scans instead for misdirected URL's?  One example recently was an email that showed  the CHASE Bank logo where the link went to a URL that started out http://www.chasee.... 
Obviously a fake and not all of them are so easy to catch.

Any advice along these lines would be appreciated.

Stoic Joker:
Not what you're asking but IMO a better solution to the actual problem would be to get signed up for something like the Human Firewall Security Awareness Training.

Thanks Stoic.
I have had my plate running over for a while now and dont get to drop in as often as i would like.
As i said, ANY advice on how to even TRY to stop this.
I MAY quite seriously have to start blocking hidden URLs at the corporate Server level.  I am pretty sure that Admin level access in exchange server offers something like that.


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