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Easy 7-Z Updated Oct. 10


Easy 7-Zip is a free Gui for 7-zip.  It adds a few doodads like icons in the 7-zip Explorer context menus, and an easy to use File manager etc..

I was waiting for it to update to the new 16.x releases of 7-zip.  According to the home page it now contains 7-zip 16.04.

If you like 7-zip just the way it is there's no need for the Gui.  But I like some of the things the author has done.  Simple enhancements that do not break anything but make 7-zip more fun to use.

Edit:  Also when installing newer versions of 7-zip in the future you can overwrite the old one and Easy 7-Zip's context menu icons etc.. will still be there.  I was using 16.03 and 16.04 with it.  But I figured I would uninstall 7-zip and install Easy 7-zip combined package just to be pedantic.  :)


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