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free USA Voip calls with searchable contact list

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That's a different experience from what I get.  If I start on, I enter the number I wish to call, and it connects me on my phone.  Or if I'm on the app on my phone, I can just call the number.  I can then, in one touch, add that number as a contact.  Are you using a different interface?

Steven Avery:
Its easy enough to call. 

Where is the one touch, add the called number as a contact?
This is all Windows 7 based. (Although I could play with ipad or Android too and see how it looks.)

Notice that here they make it far more complicated.

Might be a Firefox question, which uses a plug-in,!topic/voice/lRiubj-HAnY

 I'll try Chrome.

With Chrome, in certain cases I can get back to the Google Voice contacts screen.  Nothing is intuitive.  Lots of features, difficult integration.

Steven Avery:

When you connect in one touch, can you indicate what OS?  What browser?
What the button says?  Do you give the contact a name at that point?
Maybe a description or pic of the screen.

This is the fly in the ointment.  I never have been able to take a call I made and easily save it as a searchable contact.  If there is something there I am missing, I will try to go that route.



First, a clarification- I connect all of my calls on my iPhone, through my iOS application, i.e. I never use headphones on my computer to connect.

In order to connect my call, I do one of three things.

(1) go to, and enter the number.  It calls me back on my iPhone, and I talk.
(2) use the dialer in the iOS app.
(3) click on the name in the iOS app.

After the call is through, I see a dialed number in the screen that has a list of all of the numbers I've previously dialed, or that have dialed me.  If I click on the number that I dialed, instead of re-dialing that number, it filters all of the calls I've made to that particular number.  In the upper right, there are three dots.  If I hold on that, the following screen comes up.

free USA Voip calls with searchable contact list

From there, it creates an iOS contact.  Not exactly one touch now that I'm going through it... but close enough that it seems so.  But again, this is specifically on the iOS, so your experience might be different.

Steven Avery:
 Thanks.  I am in a different world.

Clamshell Cell Phone for regular calls (cheap LG Go-Phone used on Cingular family plan acct) 

iPad Tablet on same plan - uses Skype and Facebook for free calls, (could try Google Voice, do not have a free method here either for ad hoc calls)

Windows 7 - ** where I am really looking for the free ad hoc calls without the .02 a minute of Skype

So I was really asking about finding a free Windows way, and that is where Google Voice does not add contacts well, for whatever reason.
And I should try on the iPad as well.
However for quick calling and searching and good sound through speakers and mic, I am most concerned with Windows


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