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Steven Avery:
List of responsive and other Desktop Web Design Software
Last modified: March 8, 2016 by Shams

A bit of English as a second language. This is the only article I have seen that directly gives a number of points of comparison for the group of programs that try to build a website without necessarily falling into code.  Yet not getting dead-ended too easily.  Note that real significant advantages are considered, such as CMS capability, or whether online work is possible.

These six are given full sections, although the last two are a little tame.

Serif WebPlus X8
Xara Web Designer
Website X5
WebEasy Professional 10
EZ Generator

Quick mention to:

WYSIWYG Web builder
NetObjects Website Designer
Xsite Pro 
Webpage Maker 

I have seen a friend use SiteSpinner actually make a decent static site -
NetObjects I thought has its own subculture.


He does not go into the Wix and Weebly type of experience of online building (which would likely be considered too basic). (Similarly the various tools on web hosts.)

Top 10 Alternatives to Weebly Website Builder

Wix vs Squarespace vs Virb vs Weebly vs Jimdo vs WordPress Theme Builders


He does not go into the CMS/WordPress experience in this article, even though he is a WP developer. 


In my own case, the two tools most likely to be used this year:

WordPress (working with a biz already using it on ecommerce with woocommerce so my skills and learning could transfer, thus other CMS are less significant)
Maybe use something like the Editor theme here:

Serif WebPlus (picked up recently on Bits)


Possible consideration
Weebly  (apparently have a good blog platform, which might fit some very simple stuff I want to do on some topics) Blogger is possible here, too.


Lots of good tools to consider, time is limited.  Wordpress biz involvement takes away from Squarespace, Website Baker, etc. possibility.


Hi Sartoristudio,

Can you please disclose your affiliation with the site, and perhaps edit your post to make it a bit clearer rather than just linking to text?  Thanks!

I coincidentally stumbled upon this today (might be useful and looks rather powerful):
(Translation via Google Translate - in Slimjet - from French, is copied below sans embedded hyperlinks/images.)
WHAT IS SPIP? (for beginners and coders)

SPIP stands for:
 * Système de Publication pour un Internet PartagĂ©
 * "Publishing System for Shared Internet"

A tool for publishing content for all, SPIP allows to create and to evolve a website without special knowledge.
SPIP is also a technical platform for building real online applications. It benefits from the support of a very dynamic community of developers and users.
GNU / GPL License 3 - PHP + MySQL, PostgreSQL or SQLite

* Download SPIP - on
* Try SPIP - on the demo site
* Automated installation
* Simplified publication of editorial content
* Collaborative work tools
* Multilingualism
* RSS feeds integration
* Many extensions and themes
* Dynamic interfaces
* Completely customizable
Copied from: Publishing System for Shared Internet - SPIP.Info - <>

Copied from: What is SPIP? - SPIP - <>

My personal website

SPIP is ideal for the creation of webzine, associative sites, personal sites or blogs ... thanks to the numerous turnkey resources available.

Free software, so free
Under the GNU / GPL license, SPIP can be used free of charge and without advertising, and will remain so. It is the fruit of the work of a community that has chosen to make this tool available to all.

A dynamic and dynamic community of users
Many sites, forums and discussion lists help find finding help easily. Many people who add new features to SPIP are sharing them, thus meeting a growing number of needs.

Automatic installation
The installation of SPIP is fully automated. The access given by your host is sufficient for its installation. The required database is configured during installation. The extensions are installed by a dedicated interface of the administration space.

Possibility to install it at virtually all mainstream hosts
The technical bases required to run SPIP are very widespread and most hosts offer offers compatible with a Php / MySQL application.

Multi-users: a tool for collaborative work
SPIP is particularly suitable for collaborative work. A team of editors can participate in the creation of the articles to publish on the site and exchange messages and comments in the private space of the site.

Many skeletons (themes) extensions available
A hundred "skeletons" (the "themes" of SPIP) and more than two hundred extensions (plugins) are available on the site spip-contrib .

Considerable customization possibilities
Knowing HTML and CSS allows you to quickly customize skeletons shared by the community. Beyond that, SPIP offers a metalanguage which allows to display at will the data entered in the administration space. No a priori structure is imposed.

A gentle learning curve for who wants to go further
The numerous tutorials, the very complete documentation and the help of the users make it possible to take the first steps in the implementation of SPIP. Learning the specific syntax of SPIP quickly allows to modify its site then to create one of any part, without knowing to program.

--- End quote ---

It really cannot be easier than this tool for Windows and Mac: MobiRise

You are allowed to use this software for free to create personal or commercial websites, but there are some extensions and themes that you have to pay for. The basics are enough to create modern looking websites and the link shows you how simple it is to create your own. It comes with a preview function, allows you to upload it to your desired website hoster and you don't have to do all of this online.

@Shades: That MobiRise looks pretty useful. Where's the catch? Any gotchas?
I couldn't immediately see/find pricing details for any necessary extensions/themes that the user has to pay for.


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