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Items for WishList



Item 1:
I would love to see in the tree builder (preferences) updated so that the context menu (right click) the ability to move items up and down in the tree, even across menus or bars. Also the ability to move items left or right in the tree (promote/demote). Yes we can drag and drop but I always get items in the wrong place 2 or 3 times before they get in the right place.  :)

Item 2:
Please add an option so that copy is always the default when dragging an item to the tree and use alt or shift or control to access the options. It would cut down on the clicks and time it takes to build a menu.

Thanks for an awesome program!

Dave Venus

Hi devenus.

Item 1 is a very good idea (perhaps use a hotkey so that it could be done very quickly).
I'll add it to my todo list.

Item 2.. let me consider.

Can I add this to the wishlist:  A find\search function so I can search through the nodes?



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