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Waveme: Free timing diagram drawing tool

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Version 2.3 is now available.

New features:

- Export (save) diagram to SVG image file format.
- Directly export (save) color diagram into a black-and-white image file or PDF document.
No longer needs to first save as a black-and-white diagram, reload that diagram, and only then export.
- Open a diagram file with drag-n-drop onto Waveme's window.
- Value-lines: A new row element.
Horizontally drawn lines across a waveform, with tick marks and labels to the left of the waveform.
Most commonly used with analog signals to denote vertical values.
- Labels can be rotated, instead of only be horizontal. Applies to labels, arrows and value-lines.
Rotation is only supported when using True Type fonts.
- Signals can now start with a D value. If first segment is also a D, the left-end will be shown opened.
- Bus and Auto-bus waveforms can have open ends when using D and X segments, instead of only closed ends.

Version 2.4 is a bug fix.

Across arrow: vertical shape had incorrect to/from unit selections.

Version 2.5 is here, just in time for Waveme's 3rd anniversary.

New features:
- Analog waveform drawing:
Signal row now supports 3 new analog segment types: Sine, Linear and Ramp/RC time constant.
A mix of both digital (L, H, Z, X, D) and analog segment types can be drawn in the same row.
- Quickly change Signal and Bus segment width without opening a dialog box, by mouse dragging, keyboard shortcuts, toolbar buttons or menu commands.
- Project and image file dialogs now show an initial suggestion based on the diagram's name, and remember last directory location for each type.
- Default font is now OS and local system dependent.

Bug fix:
- Gaps: Handled occasional incorrect drawing of an edge's middle pixel.


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