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Waveme: Free timing diagram drawing tool

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Nice  :up:

Version 1.7 is now available.

New features:
*   Signal waveform: Added D (Data) segment.
*   Across arrow: Arrow head can be bidirectional: Head can be drawn at the "From row" end, as well as at the "To row" end.

Waveme 2.0 is now available.

This version includes UI changes for faster user interaction:
- Adding a new item immediately adds the item to the diagram, using default values, and then opens an edit dialog for further adjustments to the new item.
- An "Apply" button was added to all edit dialogs, General options and Waveform options dialogs. Now you can apply your changes to a diagram, while the dialog stays open, allowing you to observe and make adjustments faster.
- Row arrows are managed with a tabbed notebook dialog.
- Row labels are managed with a tabbed notebook dialog.

Waveme version 2.1 is now available.

New feature:
    In Auto-bus and Auto-signal dialogs, auto-label values are not allowed to be left empty.

Bug fix:
    Redraw dialog window after a change in selected font to prevent dialog box from being drawn incorrectly.

Waveme version 2.2 is here!

New features:

- Expanded support for clipboard copy/paste operations to Bus and Signal segments, row arrows and row labels.
Now rows, segments, arrows and labels can be copied and pasted either within the same diagram or in another diagram.
- Along arrow guideline can now be from any row to any row, instead of from current row to any row.

Bug fixes:

- Row copy/paste was broken.
- Saving to a PDF file with "A4" page size and "Portrait" orientation created a "Letter" page size instead.

What's next?

I'm looking into adding analog signal drawing capabilities to Waveme, turning Waveme from a digital-only into a mixed-signal waveform drawing tool.
Please share your needs, and post some analog drawings, that you'd like to create with Waveme.


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