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Waveme: Free timing diagram drawing tool

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I wish I had a use for this because it looks cool.  Well done and thanks for sharing!   :Thmbsup:

The user manual has 3 videos on the following pages:
- Getting Started
- Rows (row operations), and
- Signal & Bus Segments (Segment operations).
But, prompted by you, I put a link to them on the home page.

Version 1.4 is now available.

New features:
- Bus waveform:
Segment drawing is more flexible. A segment now has 3 (instead of 2) independently specified portions: Transition to level, level, and transition from level.
* This allows for a waveform to start and/or end with the level portion of a segment.
* Multiple segments can be placed back-to-back, with only the outliers having non-zero transitions. This gives the appearance of a single segment with multiple regions.

- Along arrow:
Select whether to show the right and/or left guidelines.
* This makes it possible to draw an arrow pointing in only one direction, and without guidelines around it; or
* A straight line, without arrow heads nor guidelines.

Bug fix:
- Signal and Bus waveform:
Incorrect empty segment after undo of segment deletion.

Waveme version 1.5 is now available, fixing a bug (Gaps dialog box did not open).

Waveme version 1.6 is now available.

New features:
- Superscript and subscript: supported in all text entries.
- Waveform name: Can be individually customized per row (font, color and alignment).
- All waveforms support segment labels, with identical and expanded customization options.
- Signal and Bus waveform, segment label vertical position: can be placed above a segment too.
- Multiple segment selection in Bus and Signal waveforms: supports duplicate, delete and move operations.
- Auto Bus and Auto Signal waveforms:
  * Added support for first, multiple gap, and last segments.
  * Segment labels:
     - Text can surround the auto-generated numeric values.
     - Supports wrap around, and initial wrapped around numeric values.
- Row copy and paste operations allow copying a row from one diagram to another.
- Title: Horizontal position can now be relative either to the whole diagram, or to the waveforms area.
- Horizontal grid lines:
  * Can select not to show in Spacer Rows.
- Vertical grid lines:
  * Can select not to show in Spacer Rows.
  * Can end on a given unit.
  * Can draw groups of vertical lines with a gap in between.
  * Can draw single vertical lines.
- Along Arrow:
  * Option not to show horizontal line.
  * Option to extend guidelines to cover arrow's own waveform.
- Aware of multiple connected monitors.


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