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Waveme: Free timing diagram drawing tool

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A free, GUI-based, digital and analog (mixed-signal) timing diagram drawing software for Windows 10 (and Linux via Wine).
Intended primarily for documentation purposes, electronic hardware designers can use Waveme to draw a timing diagram,
and then export it to an image file (BMP, PNG, SVG or TIFF) or a PDF document.

Waveme can be used to draw waveforms, gaps, arrows, labels, value-lines and time axis (see attached images).
Both, digital and analog signals can be drawn.
Highly customizable, with a wealth of keyboard shortcuts.


Google group for questions, bug reports, feature requests, and general discussion:!forum/waveme

Waveme is distributed as a 64-bit single-file executable, it doesn't require installation,
and there are no changes to the registry nor configuration files.

Please note that because it is an unsigned executable file, a browser will issue you a warning, and it might be flagged by antivirus programs.
Avoid false-positive, by always confirming with Google's

Hope you find it useful!

Looks great wnitzan,
I suspect it's not for me because I dont understand what it would be used for -- is it aimed at musicians?
Maybe you could give a couple of use case scenarios? (I did look at the website and manual intro and video but was none the wiser).

Thanks for looking.
Waveme is for electronic hardware designers (e.g. circuit and chip designers).

I suspect it's not for me because I dont understand what it would be used for -- is it aimed at musicians?
-tomos (October 05, 2016, 01:30 PM)
--- End quote ---

Waveme is intended primarily for documentation purposes by electronic hardware designers,
where a diagram can be exported (stored) to an image file (PNG, BMP or TIFF) or a PDF document.

--- End quote ---

Examples of another option:

^ think that detail ('by electronic hardware designers') was added after my post wraith, although knowing me I may have missed it :-)
So, as I thought, not for me, even if I do love the look of the results :up:


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