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How can i force Windows 10 to ALWAYS go to the login screen on Boot

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Thanks All.
Yes, I 100% agree to this being the most worthless waste of time possible.  ANd the only reaso i am even looking now at all is just to see if there is a direct to the login screeen otion anywhere and when did this change happen.   
As best as I can tell, this was a recent change that actually locks the system in what would be considered and UN-Safe mode as the user has no password  That non-pass worded user stays as the default user on every subsequent reboot unless you take the tie to do one of the sign out processes.  Til then, for all intents, any one would think there was no other user.  Turning the system completely OFF, rebooting, etc.  You got straight to the desktop for that Local User.  Only Sign Out gets you to the Sign In screen.

I am sure there is some logic at work here but it eludes me for the moment

She was OK with my normal LEFT click on the "blob" that looks like the old TV show Image for Alfred Hitchcock.  Choosing Sign out which takes her to the sign in screen but i honestly would not have even looked at that "Hitchcock" icon until i read that it works.  Just seem there would be a simple CTRL+L or some such to reach the login screen.  I could put that  in a Desktop  shortcut explaining what to do.

Some people DO need more help that others.  :(

Thanks for al the tips but I can cal lthis one off now as she is OK with the Left click Option. :Thmbsup:

Just seem there would be a simple CTRL+L or some such to reach the login screen.-questorfla (October 05, 2016, 01:02 AM)
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She can also press the Win+L hotkey to go to the lock/login screen. Different users can be selected from the bottom-left corner.
-Deozaan (October 04, 2016, 10:06 PM)
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