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Number of monitors (or virtual monitors) and productivity

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I have a sort of fever about this last weeks.
It's the first pc i bought by components mounted with my own hands.
I have a lot of old monitors and even a monitor/TV of 52". (ejem is only 42")
At the present moment I have three monitors in extended way connected with two old graphic cards.
I am thinking about connect the fourth....
The fourth may be the 52" size.
So I think i need software to divide the 52" monitor in four independant displays and make a lot of operations with this option.
Some years ago I was experiencing with virtual desktops. Even in Linux with 3D desktops.
In my environment what I need is not powerful graphics, only see the documents simultaneously.

My equipment
motherboard Asus z170k
RaM 32 GB DDR4
Main SSD 480 GB
Intel i7 6700k

It's not a very powerful pc, but is enough for me now.

What software do you recommend to obtain more productivity working with multiple monitors.

Best Regards

Add notes 04.10.2016.08.55 : under windows 8.1

Windows 10 has Virtual Desktops you can switch between.

You surely would need JGPaiva's GridMove to manage all the windows nicely on your large monitor.

You failed to mention what OS is on your system.
Seeing the specs it is a rather modern, top of the line, powerful PC, even though you stated it isn't :huh:.

im a big fan of multiple monitors (2-4), but not huge monitors like you are talking.  27" is about as large as i would want, and i think there are diminishing returns after 3 or 4 monitors.

Windows 10 has Virtual Desktops you can switch between.
-4wd (October 04, 2016, 12:03 AM)
--- End quote ---
Thanks a lot. I forget to say i am an user of windows 8.1 for some years. Until windows 11 resolve its problem with my CRM. Or I decided reprogram all the macros with an alternative language to that included in my CRM and incompatible with windows 10.


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