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Number of monitors (or virtual monitors) and productivity

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By example.
The script open the projects folder. And the folder opens in a predefined grid.
When I open the word file associated does in a predefined grid.
If we open autocad does in a grid predefined too.
With a little imagination you can mount sceneries to your needs.

Perhaps an answer may be :
Launch the scenery or bunch (group) of programs, files and folders associated to the work.
Then launch GridMove.
And like the program Fences have rules to assign a fence to a condition. With GridMove something of the sort.  :-[

I was searching my database to find the program I used to create sceneries : yLaunch2

Some programs like Goldmine have alarm windows that are not moved to the selected grid.....

GridMove don't scale the window when move. So this is not confortable at all. Even because if you maximize you lose the grid.

I don't see the advantage.


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