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start page navigation, top-down groupings, sharing, RSS and widget assist


Steven Avery:
My thoughts:
There are three main types of navigation.

1) Start Pages with hybrid bookmark navigation
2) Searches on the fly
2) Database with search (Linkman) - this is good but it is not top-down elegance and visual ease.

So let us look at Start Pages.

Start Pages is an interesting area.


Xerpi as my master GoTo .. the reason is that I can write in notes very easily and fit a lot on a page and its got that javascript easy movement and delete.
Weaknesses - unelegant, dormant, no improvement and support. I'm not even sure if I can change a password. looks nice. Good on widgets (how is the weather.) It can be decent for RSS Feeds. 

igHome I might play with.  It is billed as iGoogle-like after google killed iGoogle.

Symbaloo and NetVibes are two with a greater installed base.  Neither has hit my fancy, partly because of overuse of real estate and a glitz feel.  However, I can always reconsider.

There are others. 43Marks, Protopages.  Protopages I just loaded up again, and has a pleasant feel.


The problem with theFreeCountry is that, among the big boys, they mention Macrium, yet omit the similar situation of decent free versions from Aomei, Paragon, Easeus.


For speed of creating special pages and then an index of page of pages, is OneTab a good option?  It lacks the native ability to assign titles, and change the text, but it looks like you can make pages very quickly on the fly.  Maybe you use one of the other start pages as a master index to 25 or 50 onetab pages you make ?   This is similar to using the bookmark bar, but more visible and more shareable.

I am simply curious as to what you have found to be the most pleasant work ways.  I am especially thinking of shareable pages of 25-50 urls. Or, on the other hand, very pleasant pages of my own that include top-down bookmark sectioning (pages or boxes) and maybe widgets with stuff like RSS Feeds.

In the long run, I see working with two or three methods.

Your thoughts?


Steven Avery:
What brought this on is largely trying to figure out how to use OneTab to really prevent memory and crash problems in Firefox, while also integrating OneTab into a top-down group of Start Pages. One idea would be to make a OneTab on all your major Travel or Bible or Puter sites and then each one separately as a One Tab web page, which can be made super-quickly. Then place that web page on the Roomy Bookmarks bar and/or a start menu.

I would add one more: If you create a web page, it looks like this:

However, I do not think that any such page created has a private possibility. (Other than nobody knowing the url.) 
Plus the new web page can not have any group structure.

Here are three requests I sent to OneTab that would help this method:


The Shared Group (a created webpage with its own url) should have the rename of the Tab Group

The page created, One Tab shared tabs, it would be nice if it had an "open all tabs" option.

The individual tabs should have a rename capability (this would be before creating the webpage)



It looks like OneTab on Firefox will always work on one database, which I found at:


So maybe when there is too much there, 300 tabs and you say .. ferget about it for now .. you rename it for later potential use and start fresh?
There is no way to have more than one current set of tabs, they do have nice grouping and moving capability (before you make web pages.)



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