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Editing a post is creating a new post?


In the thread, I noticed that another poster had a strange post in which they quoted my post twice.  Then, I tried to edit my post (am sure I clicked modify) and when I saved, it created a new post.  I'll keep a look out for the exact behavior (it doesn't happen all the time), but wanted to at least put up the symptoms I've seen.

i've never seen that happen before!

i've never seen that happen before!
-mouser (October 18, 2016, 03:56 PM)
--- End quote ---

I'd never seen that either.  And when it happened, I was flummoxed, and of course thought it was me.  But the two choices are (a) I hit quote, or (b) modify is doing something strange.

So I clicked quote, and even in that case, it didn't give the same results, i.e. I got

First post

--- End quote ---

Cursor is here... so in post, it should be outside of quote.

However, the behavior in the post was...

First Post

--- End quote ---
Second Post

--- End quote ---

Very strange.  And interesting!

I accidentally hit "Modify" a lot recently when I mean to hit "Quote." And in my efforts to not do that, I've found myself hitting "Quote" a lot when I mean to hit "Modify."

I'm not sure what the deal is, but it's something I've been having a lot of trouble with lately. But I just assumed it was another example of PEBCAK.


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