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[free] Paste As File giveaway

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2 days 19 hours yadda yadda to get Paste As File free.

Yep! :-) They forgot to post the registration key so here it is until they fix it. This key ONLY works with the version on their site, not the one on my site.

Open Paste As File and click on the About button and select About/Check for update.
Enter the following information EXACTLY as it is below.


-c.gingerich (September 30, 2016, 08:01 AM)
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Thanks for that.  Seems like it will be handy as some browsers make you install an extension to drag drop into another program or onto desktop.  :)

Edit: just to verify, it installed and accepted the reg info.   :Thmbsup:

I didn't quite get this "FREE giveaway" app, but after looking it up I am quite impressed, though probably for the wrong reasons.

For years I have been accustomed to what (for me) seems to be an ergonomic no-brainer - being able to paste from the Clipboard directly into a folder, and a file is automatically created to hold the contents, either as a .txt (text) file and extension or as a .png (image) file and extension - depending on the contents of the Clipboard being pasted at the time.
I only very occasionally have need to use this functionality.
In fact, as soon as it has been pasted, the file's filename is open (as in F2) for editing and with the cursor positioned ready inside the name, which has a default name "x2scrap".
This is done using xplorer² PRO x64 (a Windows Explorer replacement), but, because I didn't think much of it, I had thought it was probably doing pretty much the same thing as you could do in Windows Explorer, but with maybe the naming bit added. However, I must have thunk wrong as I just now tried it in Windows Explorer, and nothing happened. This is in Win10-64 PRO, Build 14393.

Amazing that this functionality is still not yet built-in as standard to Windows Explorer. I mean, how many years does it take to accommodate likely user needs and fix up the sloppy ergonomics of a critically useful and ubiquitous file management tool?
(Another indictment of Microsoft?)

Amazing that this functionality is still not yet built-in
-IainB (September 30, 2016, 10:20 AM)
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Yeah, some things are baffling.  Since the "device crowd" has ousted the "desktop hobbyist" holdovers at Redmond I guess we can assume most of these shortcomings will never be addressed.  Redefining is the way to go.  As example my "New Age" TV Set will only have a volume control that kills power if you turn it all the way counter-clockwise, and a knob which, when rotated, cycles though the available channels.  As a soldier in the war against obesity my TV will have no remote control.  Ass up off the sofa if you want to change the channel!!  :)


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