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NANY 2017: FileFillerExtended (dummy file generation tool)


NANY 2017 Entry Information
Application NameFileFillerExtendedSupported OSesWindows XP/Vista/7/8/10WebsiteWebsiteDownload linkDownloadAuthorMichael Linden
Ever needed many files for testing purposes? FileFillerExtended can make them for you!
FileFillerExtended is a small utility for quickly creating dummy files for testing purposes.

With this utility you can create many files quickly. For sure depending on your hardware. But in general it should be very fast.

You can set up how many files should be generated, what file size (fixed) or a starting file size and a size which will be added to each file.
Like this you can generate files for example starting at 0 bytes to 100 MB.

For security, the program stops generating files when there is no more free disk space left.

- portable (the program doesn't save any configuration data)
- virus free, malware free ...
- free

NANY 2017: FileFillerExtended (dummy file generation tool)

Download the ZIP file (containing a single exe file) and extract its content into a folder of your choice.
Run FileFillerExtended.exe to start the application.

1. select a destination folder for your files
2. set up the number of files to be generated
3. set up the size of your files (fixed or dynamic)
4. set up a file name
5. click the button to generate your files (click again, to stop it)

Close the program and delete the exe file.

Hi jabut!

You just missed the official deadline so your app didn't get included into the list of entrants, but we'll just add it to the list now and you'll still get your coffee mug  :Thmbsup:


Thank you very much, I really appreciate it =)


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