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Raspberry Pi (and other SBC) projects


The tech geek in my really likes the idea of SBCs like the Raspberry Pi and Odroid, but as cool as the tech is, I have been unable to come up with a real-world use for my Odroid-C1 I bought last year.

Lets use this thread to post about interesting projects that use these little computers, whether they are projects you are personally doing or just cool projects you found online. I'll start with this Smart Mirror:

The gist of it is to buy a 2-way mirror (Acrylic See-Through Mirror), build a frame and put a monitor/TV and SBC in it. Now you can see the time, weather, and latest headlines in your mirror.

This looks really cool and I might give this a go myself. Did you already find a suitable monitor?

We just had a major change made on our house which left me with a rather long and empty wall which I already knew must end up with some Raspberry-smart-monitor-thingy. I made sure there are power- and network sockets in the right place ;). Combining it with a mirror seems perfect. What I wanted to do initially was a photo-frame with additional information like weather, room temperature, maybe news and other stuff. Then add UPNP control to it for a nearby stereo system with an attached HifiBerry. Now I think the smart mirror should show photos until it senses someone standing right in front of it, then turn into the mirror, still showing the overlayed info, but hiding the photo.

But before I do that I want to build smart LED lighting (also for that long wall, as it's actually a gangway). I want the LED strip to go bright when it gets darker, then, at a specified time it should dim down to a very low level. Once it senses motion (someone going to the toilet), it should brighten up a bit and go back to very low after a specified amount of time. And then turn off when it gets bright in the morning. And it might also indicate the day's weather report with different colors in the morning :)

This looks really cool and I might give this a go myself. Did you already find a suitable monitor?
-phitsc (October 03, 2016, 02:57 PM)
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I'm not intending to do that project myself. It's just a cool and practical one I found online. :)

Your idea(s) sound pretty cool, too.


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