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Mouser Android Code idea - pomodoro time

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suggestion: pomodoro time management technique
there was a pdf out there by staffan noteberg which explained it well

if dc member ewemoa, who loves such things, comes back, i promise i will consider it seriously.

I may have a word with ewemoa?  :)
Thanks. I've found this somewhat useful in the past, at least to stop heavy procrastinating for a while. Never used it consistently though because timers may end up being overwhelming.

Ewemoa and I talked about this idea in the past, and the idea of making an android app using my listview-centric code skeleton that would let you create lots of different timers and easily select between them.


Just to help people who don't know the term, here is the wiki page:

It's basically chopping up stuff into task chunks and breaks, and I may fiddle a bit with it roughhand for a few days.


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