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NANY 2017: Compare files


This program compare files at a time. It compares the source file with the latest copy- at a amount of time.
If the file was modified the program saves last copy.
Program allow user to watch all modification of file since it was created.
Program was developed for using on windows.

NANY 2017: Compare files
NANY 2017: Compare files

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Welcome to the site pwejnar.

This actually turns out to be a really interesting program  :Thmbsup:

I'm not sure what the native language of the developer is, but it feels like it could use a slightly better description.  It's actually a very clever idea.

What it does is take snapshots in time of text files, and then let's you scroll through older versions on a kind of timeline slider...

It doesn't actually visually show differences in versions of a file, but the timeline slider makes it quite interesting to see how a file has changed over time.

Anyway, very nice idea...

I wonder if an idea like this couldn't be implemented where the actual file comparison job was shelled out to another proper file dif tool like BeyondCompare, WinMerge, etc.

Another future idea would be to watch the directory and hook windows file change messages so that you could efficiently get notified on every change rather than have the minimum monitoring time be 1 minute...

It could also probably use a better name -- from the name at first I didn't understand that this app was comparing different versions of the same tracked file, and thought it was just another generic file comparison tool.  Maybe something like File Version Comparer, or File Version Tracker, etc.

Another idea would be that this program took screenshots of reports made by Winmerge


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