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NANY 2017: CheckList DC (Android checklist)

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This will be a simple checklist managing app, with the ability to organize your checklists into sections.
Built using my CodyBones skeleton code that I've used in some other apps.

* Google Play Store page:
* Get the beta from Google Play Store:
* Direct APK download from DonationCoder server:


Download link and screenshot added.

Download link and screenshot added.
-mouser (September 23, 2016, 09:50 PM)
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was trying to install it on windows 7 :-[ :P
(unfortunately my phone is also windows)

Updated with widget support.

[improvement] You can now specify custom titlebar text for a widget, or eliminate titlebar.
[improvement] Color picker available for custom widget background.
[bugfix] On selected ALL catagory for widget, it could display as empty if there was only one category with items.
[improvement] You can now enable a "quick-viewall-toggle" button in preferences; this button lets you quickly toggle options that show hidden items, empty sections, and revision buttons.  Useful for switching between a minimal-view/use mode and a view-everything/edit mode.

[improvement] If device screen rotated while editing (or creating a new) item, dialog will return after rotation with previous values.
[improvement] New sections (tabs/pages) are not created for entry tags that are covered by existing sections.  In other words if you have a section called Animals which covers tags "mammal, reptile" and create an entry with the tag "mammal", the mammal tag will not be auto-created.
[improvement] The delete section dialog now warns you about how many exclusive items will be deleted in the section?


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