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Runnable .format files

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Have you considered bundling those AHK text formatting commands into an AHK script (or compiled as a .exe), giving it (say) a GUI for the user to select which commands they want to apply?
> The library I posted is very useful in many cases but it has its flaws. I agree with mouser that using language designed for manipulating text is desirable here. But you are right that as soon as SimpleTextFormatter is available I was going to create this GUI (using AHK) and assign it to some single hotkey. But perhaps it can be done directly in CHS then.

This could be more easy to use for most users than (say) them having to know how to invoke the separate commands individually.
> Why not bundle SimpleTextFormatter.exe together with CHS and add possibilty to create windows .lnk shortcuts for existing presets then? Or add mentioned single click (hotkey) GUI for the users to select which commands they want to apply. Perhaps this simple GUI can be shown when running SimpleTextFormatter.exe withnout any parameters.

Just discovered very useful Copy and Format hotkey (Options/Hotkeys). It copies selected text from currently active app, evokes Modify Format/Case GUI (just it, no CHS in background), lets you format text and then paste it back to original app (if possible). Thank you for this BTW.

I'm sorry I didn't think to mention that.. somehow I assumed you had already found that obscure hidden feature :)

I normally trigger my formatting presets from the Quick Popup menu myself, but setting a hotkey for a specific formatting preset can speed up the process if you are doing it a lot.

Glad it's useful to you  :up:


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