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Review of Ethervane Echo

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Basic Info

See main review at .

App NameEthervane EchoApp URLTranglosApp Version Reviewed1.1.3Test System SpecsWindows 8.1Supported OSesWindows XP/Vista/7/LaterSupport MethodsDonationCoder ForumUpgrade PolicyFree upgradesTrial Version Available?No trial versionPricing SchemeFreeAuthor Donation LinkDonate via DonationCoder


This is the best clipboard manager I have ever seen.

(See main review for many screenshots.)

Who is this app designed for:

An indispensable aid for anyone who uses Windows. Provides functionality that should have been part of Windows.

The Good

* Lets you remember any info (text) fast and easy. For example, save the username and password when you register at a website without having to create a file or open an editor. Perfect for getting around the bugs in LastPass.
* Lets you mark important pieces of text for long-term use (this is called "sticky" text)
* Always monitors the clipboard so that all text is saved, subject to your criteria for deletion.
* List of clipped text pops up with a keystroke. Can be dismissed with ESC or other key.
* Very highly customizable. Choose how it looks, how it works.
* Reliable. Doesn't fail to remember text copied to the clipboard.
* Can work with a few data types other than text. It does what you want.
* Easy searching in or editing of saved text items.
* Flexible: many functions can be done in different ways.

The needs improvement section

No bugs or annoyances detected after months of use. Very high quality, both of functionality and of user interface.

Why I think you should use this product

Ethervane Echo is an awkward name, but everything else about this free product is elegant, fast, compact, useful, and customizable. It helps me get my work done easier and more reliably.

How does it compare to similar apps

Its competitors are harder to use, not as elegant, not as customizable, and many cost money.


A five-star product, produced by the DC process, has professional characteristics, and is needed by anyone doing significant work using a Windows computer.

Thank you for writing and posting this! :up:

awesome software been using for years. Thanks a lot!!  :-*

Ethervane Echo website is down.

Ethervane Echo website is down.
-smaragdus (December 24, 2019, 07:06 PM)
--- End quote ---

I found it on the Internet Archive. Maybe you can get what you need from there.

But it looks like Tranglos, the author, hasn't been around here since May. :(


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