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Looking for smartphone

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-kalos (March 28, 2018, 12:48 PM)
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As for its screen, sound quality, signal, robustness? I think that would matter most for me.
-kalos (March 28, 2018, 10:14 AM)
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it's easy enough to find reviews of almost any phone on youtube or wherever
-tomos (March 28, 2018, 12:30 PM)
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I know, but it may be hard to distinguish the trusted ones from ads. But I will have a good read.-kalos (March 28, 2018, 12:48 PM)
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For technology available in the UK, you could do worse than visit Expert Reviews - The latest technology reviewed by experts.  This web site is owned by Dennis Publishing, who also own the UK magazines Computer Shopper, Computeractive, PC Pro, and Web User.  The web site appears to offer all the reviews that were published in the paper magazines.  You have to wade through lots of adverts, but there's no other cost.

I'm looking at the Nokia 5 @ around €150 (euros) link

Listed as Nokia 5 Dual SIM Smartphone - deutsche Ware (13,2 cm (5,2"), 16GB, 13 Megapixel Kamera, Android 7.0)
Apparently has been, or can be, updated to Android 8.

Has dual sim *plus* an sd card slot.

Amazon reviews generally positive -- although a lot of the one star reviews talk about it giving up after a month or two, which is a little worrying. Camera not so good (pity), although hard to know what people are comparing it to. (FWIW I have been very happy with the Nokia 730/735 phone camera -- not great in low light, but otherwise takes quite nice pics.)

I haven't done a lot of research -- am still using the Nokia 735, a windows phone, but, due to broken screen which costs more than above linked phone to replace, it's on the way out. Off-topic// Windows has been very limiting at times, but in general I loved it, and will miss it.

So if anyone has any opinion, or other suggestions in the lower price segment (under 200 euros or so), do say. If not, I will eventually get my act together, do some more research, and report back.

A little over your budget but maybe the Motorola G6 or G6+ (not the G6 Play unless it floats your boat)?

Dedicated uSD slot, available in single or dual SIM config, dual back cameras, reasonably vanilla Android experience (the Moto Actions/Display are actually useful compared to the usual "extras" you get), etc, etc.

Relatively new release, this month I think, so you might need to search for reviews a bit.

I have the G5+ 4GB/32GB and it has been a great phone.

If you are aiming for a Nokia, I'd opt for the Nokia 6 (~ €200,-) or Nokia 6.1 (aka Nokia 6 2018) (~ €300,0), that have a much better processor (Qualcomm 6xx instead of 4xx) and screen (1920x1080 instead of 1280x720), as well as a better camera (back: 16 mp instead of 13 mp, front: 8 mp), and also, the Nokia 5 is lacking a notification-led, for some reason (just like the Motorola G5/s/plus series), AFAICS.
I also do like that the Nokia 6.1 comes with Android One, ensuring often and soon updates by Google, but that should also be the case for the Nokia 5 as it has stock-Android.

OT: I'm leaning toward the Nokia 6.1 64 GB to replace my aging Nexus 5, I just haven't ordered it as my supplier doesn't provide a book-case cover, yet...

Any rival for Umidigi S2 PRO?

I will eventually have to ditch my Xiaomi Redmi Pro 3. After recommendations here I bought it, which proved to be good, but it has a major lack, the lack of NFC, so I cannot use it to make payments.


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