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Hey, it's been awhile...

Just wanted to stop by and say that the Seed webcomic is now wrapped up with a three-page epilogue, and man what a wild ride it was.  With AI being a hot topic these days with all its attending "what-if"s, it's a more relevant read than ever.
-Edvard (June 22, 2023, 11:20 PM)
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Last night I read the first panel, then scrolled through the episode listing to see how long it was and saw it was about 150 episodes long. I thought "Hmm... I'm not sure I wanna take the time to read through this whole thing..." Then I clicked to the next episode. Then the next, then the next, and so on until about 5 AM. Then I got a few hours of sleep and woke up and finished the rest.

Thanks for the recommendation. I enjoyed it.

Also, nice to hear from you again. :)

Incredibly amusing (dark humor), found it on social media and immediately subscribed to the author:


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