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Wanted: Desktop RSS ticker/floater

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It seems there really isn't any RSS reader out there similar to Klipfolio's layout.

Bit like a floating RSS ticker (vertical) that floats on the desktop. I loved the simplicity of how Klipfolio would allow you add an RSS feed and you just hover over the headline and would show you the details, or click on the the headline and it would open in your browser.

I have attached a screenshot of what I am talking about.

Unfortunately Klipfolio is very dated.. and it's showing it's age by not being able to do SSL RSS feeds. :(

I would be happy to donate towards any author that would be kind enough to consider this task.

Reminds me of Newzie's Today window.

I think I looked at Newzie... the widget screen (right hand big window) is always there. You can't hide it it.

the widget screen (right hand big window) is always there. You can't hide it it.
-Cloq (September 22, 2016, 08:51 PM)
--- End quote ---

I am not sure what you mean by this. Widget screen? What widget screen? And what do you mean by can't hide it? I don't recall Newzie ever having anything that forced you to have it on your screen at all times.

There's different modes, one of which is a large screen with a left sidebar, another is a tiny ticker that goes across your screen, and the one I am referring to, the Today window that pops up when there are new items (if you set it that way) and looks a lot like your screenshot, but color coded to indicate the age of the entries.

My bad.. was confusing it with another rss reader that has a similar interface. For whatever reason the other rss reader called the viewing pane a widget window. I guess it was a multi-functional area for that app.

Basically, Newzie seems to be using it's internal browser to display the rss article. Trying to avoid that. That seems to be what most rss applications do.

That was the beauty of Klipfolio rss, it just lists the headers of the rss page and when you hover over it, it shows you the first few sentences or paragraph and if you are still interested, click on it the header and then it launches in whatever browser you have open or associated.

There is something similar.. Snakr ( but it runs on Adobe Air... makes me shudder. I avoid Adobe plugins, causes more security holes than anything out there.


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