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How do you avoid Shareware on Sale's sneaky nagware ?

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Hi folks,

I'm sorry for not replying sooner, I just came across this thread.

To clarify, we've never, ever installed anything on a user's computer without permission. I don't know what the Swiss website linked in OP is talking about. From the start, we've always given users the option (Yes or No) if they want to install SharewareOnSale Notifier. If user clicks 'No', then SharewareOnSale Notifier is not installed. Only if user clicks 'Yes' when specifically asked about SharewareOnSale Notifier, then SharewareOnSale Notifier is installed. A user must click 'Yes' or 'No' at the screen when asked to install SharewareOnSale Notifier -- they cannot proceed further without clicking an option. Further, uninstalling SharewareOnSale Notifier is very easy if you no longer want it.

My apologies for any confusion or inconvenience! If any further clarifications are needed, please let me know.

Take care,
Mr. Boss @ SharewareOnSale

My experience shows that Ashraf is right. I've obtained several tools from SOS, and on two recent ones, I was able to download an installer directly from the vendor which a binary comparison showed to be identical to the installer delivered by the "hub." So if you decline the notifier, you get what you want with no extras other than those, if any, that some vendors build into their installers; those you have to watch for and decline if unwanted.

I can confirm, I have had a few of my applications on SharewareOnSale, the notifier does not have to be installed.

I know this is a dead thread, just wanted to add my work around that works... Download the program from the actual company then use the provided key code from sharewares email. That way you know you are downloading and installing a safe program. It's worked for me every time, so far!

Midnight Rambler:
Rather enjoyed the drama of this thread.  Felt pity for the OP as I've also made the mistake of installing unwanted software in a wrapper due to haste in installation.


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