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70% off TODAY ONLY, DR EXPLAIN "HELP AUTHORING creation" s/w at Bitsdujour.


A pretty decent help authoring creation software program.

3 versions. Starting at $57:
Today's promotion includes the following 3 version choices:

Prices of each of the 3 versions.

Dr.Explain Regular License v5.4.1030 ($57)
Dr.Explain Advanced License v5.4.1030 ($87)
Dr.Explain Ultima License v5.4.1030 ($117)

Comparison table link [no affiliate link added], Features comparison table shown, just scroll down a bit from top of page   

Note: If you intend to order, please review the FEATURES COMPARISON table.
Several report pages are watermarked in the regular version vs the advanced. Also, some features are missing in the regular vs advanced. 
Dr Explain tends to neuter the regular version , to the extent a person is almost forced to buy the $87 advance version.
But at 70% off I guess I shouldn't complain.

Software overview [from BDJ]:

Dr. Explain is an automated help authoring tool that produces your choice of output formats - CHM, HTML, online manuals, and even printed documentation. Dr. Explain analyzes the structure of your software's screens and forms and automatically generates numbered annotations for each GUI element - every button, icon, field, menu, and toolbar. As the help author, your job just got a lot easier. All you need to do is add the descriptive text to each annotation to explain each function. Dr. Explain condenses hours of work into just a few minutes!

Direct link to BDJ offer [no affiliate link added]:   Dr Explain 70% off discount offer,  today only, at Bitsdujour.


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