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Upload selected images


I uso screenshot captor. Give me the opportunity to upload last image (only between the screenshot i have taken)

I would like an application to have an entrie in the contextual menu to upload any selection of images (screenshots, photos, etc... )

Do you know a good program to do this to a server like photobucket that gives me the opportunity to obtain codes to insert that image in forums, or othes web places.

Best Regards

This is a reasonable request.  Just a quick note, since you say you are using Screenshot Captor.  You can actually open the SC uploader window and then drag any image files into the window to upload them, with the urls shown for all images in the window (click a url to copy it to clipboard).  The files you drag to the window can be from SC's thumbnail browser OR any file explorer.

No , no , no . You're kidding me.  :-\ . But, but, but : If not; your answer is a well balanced and perfectly mastered . I will convince me again how powerful Screenshot Captor is.

Best Regards.


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Screenshot Captor is an army swiss set tools with no limits.
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