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Volume fader for 5.2 channel sound card


I have a Logitech THX 5.2 channel external sond card.  I like to fade the front and center channels while leaving the rear channels at full volume.  This makes for the best balance in my room at the spot where I sit.  On some videos, dialog is muddled or sent to the audio background in that config, and I need to bring all channels to 100% to understand.  That's the easy part, since all I have to do is crank the volume dial on the card, and all channels are maxed.  When I want to return to my preferred config, with different channels set to different levels, this involves bringing up Windows volume control, navigating to "Levels," then "Balance," where I can manipulate the sliders individually.  It's not huge, but it's annoying.  I'd like a way to store and retrieve my preferred config(s) without jumping through the hoops in Windows volume control.  Anyone interested in figuring this out?  Thanks,  Stephen EarleVolume fader for 5.2 channel sound card


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