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MiniCap Printer


Hi, I still using your beatiful MiniCap software to capture and print the PC screenshot by using the commandline commands.
Everything works properly, but there is one thing that I do not understand: the printouts images on paper are smaller than the printout images obtained with the standard Print Screen command.
In the MiniCap -printpreview the defaults sets for the print margin is 1 inch.
Is there a way to set a lower margin value ad default, (close to zero), via commandline or by any ini command?
Thanks, Carlo.

Let me see if i can add an easy option to set margins.

Done, will be in next release.

Tnks! I Will test it!  :D

Ok please test the most recent beta:

Use the new printmargin option like:
-printmargin 0

use a value in 10ths of an inch, so "-printmargin 10" for a 1-inch margin.


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