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N.A.N.Y. 2017: Youtube Watcher - Linux only

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This looks really neat, but I'm wondering why is this Linux only? Isn't Python cross-platform?
-Deozaan (October 14, 2016, 06:31 AM)
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Theoretically, from what I've seen.  I have an issue on a Python archive in Github that it doesn't work on a Mac.  I wish I'd marked it as Windows compatible only, because I can't debug on the Mac.

Python is cross platform, and I think youtube-dl is too.

It could work on Windows, I don't have Windows so I can't install / create instructions to get it running. If anyone is able to get python3 and pip on windows you should be able to get it with 'pip install youtube_watcher'.

Ah. Turns out Gtk3, the GUI library I use is not on Windows yet. So its not Windows compatible..... yet.....

I don't even use Gtk3 anymore. So its possible it works.

After some more digging I found that ncurses doesn't work on Windows. Which is what I use for the UI nowdays. So there is 0 chance it will work.


Thanks for investigating.


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