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email clients redux - Eudora and The Bat! (on sale at Bits)

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Wouldn't the internal html viewer also be less likely to be a malware vector simply because the IE control is a rich target for malware?
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Yes - in fact in the option they write "not susceptible to Internet Explorer vulnerabilities".
I'm using it and it's very good, maybe complex email with css or advanced formatting are displayed not so good, but, if you need it, you can always open the email into your preferred browser.

The Bat! has [..]
-DK2IT (September 15, 2016, 07:35 AM)
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thanks DK2IT for that good mini-review :D :Thmbsup:

I had a look to see what it would cost in Euros -- as there can often be a big price jump there --
was pleasantly suprised to see it was cheaper again in euros (via cleverbridge: provider & cost may depend on your location) 23.76€ / ~22.50$ (not including local VAT/sales tax)


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