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IPv6 support please

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I would like to see IPv6 support ...
URL Snooper will miss more and more URLs as time proceeds and sites switch to IPv6.

Are you sure it's IPv6 causing snooper to miss urls? I'm guessing its encryption that's doing it, as URL Snooper will look at raw packet data when searching..

Yes, it's IPv6.

I'm currently having my network experimentally run IPv6-only (For some devices).

In order to make this work, I've set up a DNS64 and NAT64 server on my router, so that even sites without IPv6 can be contacted using IPv6.
When I monitor the network traffic without the NAT64 (And thus using IPv4 again), I will get the URLs for specific sites.
When I enable NAT64 and thus the traffic is IPv6, the URLs for the same site are missed.

But don't take this special setup, the problems reported here:
are directly related to it too.

URLSnooper will no longer catch URLs for YouTube, Google Video, ... due to the lack of IPv6 monitoring as soon as the user's site is able to handle IPv6 and thus contacts these sites using IPv6.

And while URLSnooper does NOT catch the URLs, this utility which does about the very same but also for IPv6
DOES catch them.
It just doesn't have a filter for multimedia URLs which makes digging for the right URLs a PITA.

To be a bit more precise:
For some sites it's the use of https instead of http of course.
The program I linked can not grab https URLs either.

But for other sites it's definitely that the URL is only missed because the IP behind it is an IPv6.

This program also stopped working with netflix, it does not detect any of the urls that the browser detects using devtools. :Thmbsup:


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