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the bat! view email as html

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I apologize for the image, but it was the easiest way to just throw somehting together instead of 4 different images.

Left side is outlook, right side the bat.
Top is the mail being viewed as text, bottom is viewed as html.

Outlook displays html the way I want it, but no matter what I've tried I just can't get the bat to display it that way.

Is it supposed to be like this  or am I missing something in the bat to make it display like outlook does?

I've tried every setting in viewer/editor preferences setting I could think of that would make a difference, but none has.

it looks like thebat is being confused by this email..
in my version of thebat, when i have the plaintext viewer configured as my default, the tabs at the bottom are "Text" (like yours) and "HTML" which will render it like your outlook view.

the fact that you are seeing a tab for "message.html" suggests to me that the html version of the message is being seen by the bat as like an attachment.  again im not sure, just sounds that way.

alternatively, have you tried the settings in the tab "Viewer/Editor -> HTML Viewer" and try changing the html viewer used on that tab?

Thinking about it, you may be right as it beein seen as attachments.

Some have the clip icon to show attachments while others don't, but still they are all being displayed the same.

I went through every combination for the nth time again.

Just like the first time, going through 'viewer/editor' and 'html vewer' did nothing.
There's nothing in 'attachment security' that helps either, although I didn't expted anything from this one.
I've found nothing that would give a hint to why every single html mail is being seen as an attachment.

I've found something strange though.
The mails I send are always pure text, but even in the bat they have an html attachment.

Somehting I did not think to specify in the first  post was that all the mails have been imported from outlook 2007, so perhaps it just doesn't support import from that proper.

i think that makes sense that its probably a failure of the import process.


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