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IDEA: Generic windows command line gui builder

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And if it worked a bit sideways? A gui that helps you configure a generic gui-for-a-cli-program? Where you select the parameters and their meaning + possible values. And the generic gui presents the screen of configured options and runs the cli for ya'.
It would end up being written in AutoIt3, if done by me, but would be the perfect NANY-2017 chore for me :)
-Ath (September 10, 2016, 01:24 AM)
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That sounds kind of interesting.  Like a generator to produce stuff like XCopy Gui where you check the boxes for options and whatnot?

Edit:  Sounds like it could be especially useful for some of the OS cli programs with hard to remember options(and often difficult to type tool.)

I don't know if this might help: Dr. Batcher (payware, has been featured on Bits du Jour):
Dr.Batcher is the simplest in use batch file editor available on market. You can create batch files even if you have never done it before. Writing batch files has never been easier!

Still Dr.Batcher provides with powerful tools for advanced users that are familiar with batch files and their syntax. Enjoy full-featured batch files development environment with syntax highlighting, code tooltips and bookmarks. Write batch files code faster and easier!

  - Support for all Windows and DOS batch files
  - Simple mode for novice and professional mode for advanced users
  - Batch to EXE compilation support
  - Backup script wizard: generate your own batch files for backup create/restore in a few clicks
  - Lots of templates and examples of batch files
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The following are varying degrees of improved consoles, but don't have the sort of GUI features you ask for:

* Take Command, TCC/LE (Take Command, GUI, payware; TCC/LE, console, freeware)
* PromptPal (payware)
* PowerCmd (payware)
* Console (FOSS)
* cmder Portable console emulator for Windows; one version includes some Unix commands (freeware?)
* ColorConsole Portable (freeware)

I thought of this being able to handle it perhaps...

The Form Letter Machine

Slightly offtopic, back in the Amiga days there was a program that could execute a CLI command to get the parameters, analyse the parameters, and then present a GUI with the appropriate checkboxes, radio buttons, input fields, etc.

At least I think it was the Amiga, often wondered whether something similar was available for Windows but occassional searches failed to find anything.

Thanks for the tips guys. @4wd, yes that's what I'm after sort of. Let's say I want to use autohotkey. I have used a gui creator like I said above, but I have to refer to the autohotkey manual to fill in the code to do actions after the gui creator creates the code for the widgets only. What I want is a gui creator that has every single autohotkey command written in it's code so that I can right click a widget and have a drop down menu appear with every single autohotkey command listed there within a specific category like "file commands", "network commands", etc. Using autohotkey or any language currently you have to look up the code in a help file, I want all that built into forms to fill in so syntax errors hardly ever occur unless you fill in the form incorrectly. So it's basically putting all the commands into forms to fill out and not write code, the gui will take the form info and create the code for you. Way less chance of errors and a lot faster, unless you program for a living and know all the commands and syntax in your head which this request is not for. I found only one app that does this, it's called Neobook but it's $200, but it does what I describe above. Do you think it could be done or is it just too time consuming to translate code commands into forms?


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