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Once again, magically expensive items are only different in your mind

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As far as the Yamaha speakers, they might be what was used in many studios but you can have the most current, most accurate studio monitors in your home audio system but you still aren't hearing what was recorded as it was heard in the studio because it has been processed to make it blend with everything else. If it wasn't processed like that it wouldn't be as pleasing to your ears. You can hear this in church/community/school performances that are recorded using just one or two mics which makes it difficult to give the different instruments/vocals individual space for playback. -Joe Hone (April 23, 2014, 05:23 PM)
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It's rare, probably near impossible, for great recordings to be just the reflection of a great performance. Studio recordings are a collaboration between the artists, producer, and engineer. Take Cream's first 2 albums for example. On Fresh Cream it's obvious you're listening to one of the great bands of all time. Add in Felix Pappalardi and Tom Dowd as collaborators and Disreali Gears becomes one of the all time great recordings.

"existing audio formats are unable to adequately present a full range of tones"
-Deozaan (April 08, 2014, 02:33 AM)
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The human ear isn't capable of discriminating between (or actually hearing) many of them either. ;)
-40hz (April 08, 2014, 07:29 AM)
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That's a bit misleading. It has to do with the curves on which sound is measured. When the curves explicitly exclude sound energy, that information is lost, and then of course you get a skewed result.

I went over some of why that is here:

To better understand, you only need to look into how SPL is measured and the history of the SPL meters and the different curves used for them. While this article is horribly deficient, here's a start:

That mentions some of the different types. There are more than mentioned there. e.g. G.

But none of that has to do with price of equipment - it only has to do with selectively ignoring acoustic energy.


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