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NANY 2017: ScoreTracker DC (Android Score/Event Counter/Tracker) - v1.20 - 12/31

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This is an Android app based on the framework I used in my WhenLast android app.

It lets you create a list of "items" (events or players), and then easily tap to increase/decrease the counter for that item.  It can be used to keep track of scores for a board game, or easily count events over a longer period of time.

Obviously there are similar apps already -- this one will benefit from some of the features of my existing framework (ability to sync items over multiple devices, organization of multiple lists by tabs, etc.).

* Google Play Store page:
* Get the beta from Google Play Store:
* Direct APK download from DonationCoder server:

Latest release:
v1.20 - 12/31/16
Search function added

v1.19 - 12/20/16

Nice :Thmbsup:

Feature requests:

* Option (maybe as a checkbox in the header) to keep the screen on, so I can keep the device on the table while playing/counting/etc. and tap a +1/-1 button without unlocking the device after a minute (or whatever timeout is set).
* Optional sorting: - on count, - on name, - reverse

Good idea regarding keep screen on, i think i can add an option to do that.

Sorting.. It's an interesting idea, but somewhat problematic -- mainly because the framework allows you to drag and drop to reorder items and assumes you will want to customize the order of things.  I'll give it some thought..  I suppose it wouldn't be too hard to add a sort toolbar menu and let user choose between score and name..

My main concern with this little app is that it's built on top of a much more powerful and general purpose framework i wrote (which i really need to figure out more uses for), and some of the features of that framework may over-complicate this app's use for simple things.  Just as an example, the app wants you to hit the + button to add each item (person's name), and then individually delete each item when you no longer want it, etc.

Those features are useful for some things, but can be burdensome for quick simple things.

It's clear i'm going to have to add some special features to make it quicker to do things like delete all items and start a new "set" of items quickly.

Or you could have several sets of itemlists... (but then you'd still need the option of resetting, clearing or deleting a list)  8)


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