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NANY 2017: ScoreTracker DC (Android Score/Event Counter/Tracker) - v1.20 - 12/31

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I've added a download link in the first post to an official early testers alpha version.

With my latest code to preserve edit dialogs on rotate, my biggest concerns is that i may have overlooked something that could cause the app to crash in odd circumstances, so I'd love to hear any reports of people seeing it crash.


I didn't get to installing before, but I've just installed it and will be testing it for the next few weeks.

New build uploaded:

v1.02 - Sep 23, 2016

* New Menu item for reseting all scores in current section.
* New menu item for deleting all items in current section.
* A bunch of minor tweaks.

You didn't update the date on the About screen, though version is updated there, and maybe the text around the downloadlink (first post) should be updated?


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