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Change search folders with an alias / plugin?

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using ;;; ?

from the help file
You can now specify multiple programs to launch within one alias by separating them with ;;;
--- End quote ---

Sorry, didn't mention this in my previous post: I tried it, but that didn't work.
Is there an alternative how I can execute two distinct commands from an alias at once?

you can use one autohotkey script which execute multiple runs
RunWait, farr.exe ....
RunWait, farr.exe ....

Do you mind posting your alias ;)

Thanks so much for your help and that you don't hesitate to ask  :up:

While I was copying the alias into the forum, I saw my mistake. I thought it should be like this:
d:\Portable\FARR\FindAndRunRobot.exe -launch "setuservar Common.NTGDir=e:\NTG;;;recachedirpaths"

The correct way, though, is to do it like this:
d:\Portable\FARR\FindAndRunRobot.exe -launch "setuservar Common.NTGDir=e:\NTG";;;d:\Portable\FARR\FindAndRunRobot.exe -launch "recachedirpaths"

Now it's working like a charm  :)

Glad I could help  :D

don't hesitate to share your ideas, It seems you are doing pretty sophisticated stuff here ;)


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