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Change search folders with an alias / plugin?

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is there a way to change the search folder configuration, for example by an alias or a plugin?


you can have dynamic search folder using user variable like so :

you can use an alias to launch a script to change the user variables using FARR command-line parameters :

FindAndRunRobot.exe -launch "setuservar MyVars.var1=MyDynamicFolder"
FindAndRunRobot.exe -launch "recachedirpaths"

one pb though, there is a 300-characters limit bug, but i'm confident Mouser will smash it soon  :D

@nitrix: Thanks for the tip, but it doesn't work properly. The user variable is updated correctly, but recaching the directory paths doesn't work. I have to go to the settings dialog and click ok, only then the search dirs are updated.

Does it work if you hide FARR, then open it again ? (without going into the dialog...) if yes...

maybe you could try
FindAndRunRobot.exe -hide
FindAndRunRobot.exe -search "sometext" or FindAndRunRobot.exe -show

Ok it was my failure...when I typed in my alias and confirmed it with enter, FARR showed me the two commands and I quickly hit enter again, so that only the set variable was executed. When I type in the alias again and then choose the second command, it reloads the dirs properly.

Now the question is: how can I make it work so that I only have to type in the alias and both commands will be executed when I press enter?


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