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Dropbox alternatives

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Dropbox has dropped XP support and it will be discontinuing the ability to render HTML content in-browser via shared links or Public Folder.

Do you know some alternative which supports xp and works the same as dropbox, that is, drop files on your public folder, direct links following the same path as your folder (no encryption nor redirecting to webpages), html5 files Rendering on browsers..

I don't know any that do your last requirement.  Perhaps there's something open source that would work on XP.  You might check alternativeto, i.e.

Well I hope someone can share their experience  :)
The html rendering is not the most important feature to me but that the desktop program can generate direct links to your files with urls having the same path as on your harddrive. My guess is that most of them generate encrypted links and redirect to pages.

Personally, I can recommend from that alternativeto's list yandex because it works fine on the ipad, but it doesn't meet the direct links feature.

If you mainly use dropbox as a way to share files between devices, than you could consider setting up your own "cloud" (NextCloud is open source and quite easy to setup yourself (in combination with XAMPP or similar tool.)). Besides an online interface, it comes with clients for iP(ad/hone), Android, PC, Mac and Linux.

But if you mainly use dropbox as a way to store data off-site, then hosting your own "cloud" isn't such a stellar idea. Setting up your own "cloud" is initially a headache and you remain responsible for maintenance/upkeep, it also gives you much more control to share data between family and friends, if you so desire.

First, make sure that if you setup your "cloud", that your ISP doesn't object against such things. Or that you don't exceed the limits of your metered internet plan, if you were tricked into getting such a type of internet connection.

I share a spreadseet with direct links made with dropbox. Maybe I should try some linux distro which works well with dropbox. Any suggestion? Small, easy to install for a dual boot on windows, dropbox compatible..


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