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GridMove Lite Portable | Windows7/8 ready, combine w/ Aero Snap | XP/Vista Supp.

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You might want to link an updated video (like your old one below) to the thread  to show GridMove in action. I suggest this because half the Windows users I talk to don't even know what Aero Snap is - and think it's a bug or a glitch when it happens. This is a handy little app if you're in the habit of working with several open windows so it'd be a shame if somebody missed out on it because they didn't 'get' what it did.


Hello !

Thanks for this job !

I tried the latest versions on window 8.1 pro, 64 bits on notebook lenovo T420 and that's works (quarter, half V/H and center) but only on "desktop one".
I use Desktops v2.0 ( )  to do multi desktop (four desktop) but is'nt a good utility with windows 8.1. Maybe Gridmove works with another one.

I'll wish to buy an extern monitor and to use displayport to plug this one on my notebook. Do you think Gridmove will work on this extern monitor ?

see you

Link is Hacked ! Don't download it !


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